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Our Experience is Your Benefit

Resonance Biomedical and Electronical Service is engaged with the distribution and service for medical, dental and scientific instruments, alongside with its sister company Synchronization for medical Systems Company, as a group we participated in supplying and opining of several medical and dental centers across Jordan.

We are specialized mainly in the high tech medical and scientific systems, we have long experience with many radiology modalities from several manufacturers, and we as a team have a long experience with the flowing systems:

§  Medical and Dental Systems:

o  MRI systems from: Philips and Hitachi.

o  CT scanners: Philips and Hitachi.

o  General X-ray systems.

o  Panoramic X-ray systems.

o  CRs and Dry Imagers.

o  Several radiology related systems.

o  Dental related systems



§  Scientific and Analytical Systems:

o  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

o  Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

o  X-ray Diffraction Systems (XRD).

o  X-ray Fluoroscopy Systems (XRF).

o  Other analytical systems.