Best Service for Your Systems

Our team of engineers has a long time experience in installing and servicing a wide variety of both medical and scientific systems. We are offering to our customers annual service contract for there systems, also we can offer you a service agreements on a case or daily bases.

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Our engineering team contains a long time experienced service and sales engineers, each of them with long experience in high technical background in their field of expertise, they have a long experience with some of the major manufacturers in the field of radiology, scientific and analytical systems such as:

o   Philips Medical Systems.

o   Kodak (Carestream).

o   AGFA

o   FUJI

o   Hitachi Medical Systems.

o   FEI

o   PANalytical

To all our clients we offer full service starting from the plan to procure the system through the installation and handover and finally with continuous after sales service and maintenance contracts.